Letter to Sonja

January 14, 2014

Dear Sonja,
First of all, I want to let you know that I am smiling at this very moment because as I start to scribble this pen (yeah I need to write you a letter – I am pleased to write you!) your smiling face just started to surface in my mind…and so my facial muscles just moved and created that smile in my face as well, just like yours.
I may not say it but your smile is a significant symbol to me, undeniably that is your beauty. And deeply, your smile is a mark of your strength – you are a young woman of endurance. You are so strong that you don’t realize you lift me whenever I am weak and off to the ground. I know we go through a lot and you carry that in you …with a smile. I am always right to say that you are my rock!
You have grown up from just a little girl and is now my best friend . You and your sister are my greatest blessings. Thank God. I know I am a crazy momma too! But see, God loves crazy mommas like me, coz He gives us amazing daughters like you are!
Oh my Sonja, I just want to thank you for your understanding and sweet love…please be more by living the way you imagine, the way you believe, the way you dream and you will achieve the desires of your heart with faith in God.
My life for having you is more than happy…it is meaningful!
I love you and will always will. Keep us in your heart, we will stay there forever.

Your le best Mama! 😊
P.s. Kisses

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